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John Parry

UCL pure mathematics student & experienced tutor

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7am - 12pm12pm - 4pm4pm - 10pm


A* A-Level Mathematics A* A-Level Further Mathematics Studying pure mathematics at UCL at present. 2015-2016, KT Tuition, Whitehaven. I tutored GCSE & A-level mathematics for a year with this company. I also self-taught myself A-level further Mathematics, so I consider myself to have an insight into what needs to be done in order to achieve a good level of understanding. I am still studying (mathematics at university) so I am constantly in the mindset of teaching myself which Is a mindset I also incorporate into my tuition.


Cockermouth Sixthform logo

Cockermouth Sixthform

A Levels - A*A*AA (Mathematics, Further Mathemstics, Art, English Language)

2014 - 2016

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University College London (UCL)

Mathematics - First

2016 - Now

Currently studying. Grade based upon year 1 & 2.


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