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Jordan Gill

Qualified teacher and examiner of English GCSEs.

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Do you worry your child may not be getting the best results they can? Is your child struggling or lacking confidence in English? Tutoring can be the answer you’re looking for. I am a qualified English teacher and GCSE examiner in the English GSCEs with over six years experience of teaching and tutoring to all levels and abilities. It’s more important than ever that your child have the expertise and ability to cope with English exams after the changes in the English GCSEs. I believe that with the right approach any student can do well in English and it is my passion and commitment to tailor my approach to your child’s needs, as well as my qualified background and knowing the GCSEs inside-out, that makes me stand out from other tutors. You don’t want just another student tutor, your child deserves a qualified professional who has taught and marked the exams for years. These exams are what determines your child’s future so you deserve the very best that’s out there. For a limited time I have dropped my price and am experimenting with new sites such as this to offer my services. Ensure you get in touch as soon as possible as I have limited availability left. Feel free to contact me any time and I will reply as soon as possible, and we can discuss your requirements and your child’s needs.


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Canterbury Christ Church University

Qualified Teacher Status - High

2012 - 2013

Qualified English teacher with highest possible grade

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University of Kent

Psychology BSc - 2:1

2003 - 2006


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