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June Whyman

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I am a Student who has specialised in a range of subjects. I have not long finished my GCSE's and understand the struggle that any kind of education may be for a student. I aim to be efficient and patient with future clients as this will encourage their best work and help with future exams and the struggles of life. It is important that students and children are able to get individual attention which is not always applied in schools so I hope to help in the cases where this happens more frequently. I enjoy teaching and assisting students as you get much joy from witnessing their success. From my own experience, I have found that many people learn at different rates and paces so I will make sure all future clients enjoy the benefits of having their own personal journey. The key thing that I always want to encourage is making my sessions as enjoyable as I can because not all children allow themselves their full potential due to them not enjoying the subject - trust me I was one of these students myself. My key specialities include, Performing Arts (Drama and Production), Mathematics/Numeracy, English/Literacy and History.


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GCSES- Drama, English language, English literature, history, art craft and design, combined science, Hospitality and catering, performing arts (production) and Mathematics

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