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Kiran Jawaid

Versatile tutor and undergraduate at University of Portsmouth

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I have recently graduated in Masters of Biomedicine and I have an extreme passion for science. I have graduated in BSc Biology in 2016, that covered units such as plant science, animal science, genetics and development biology and human biology. I developed numerous skills from my degrees such as communication skills, organisational skills, teamwork and punctuality skills. I have taught students voluntarily for several years ranging from 8 years old to 16 years old. I have previously taught students English including writing and speaking. I used various methods such as flashcards, quiz, presentation, mind map, revision cards, animation and videos to ensure that my student understands each topic. I am very approachable, hence students are able to ask me any questions without hesitation. This has allowed me to develop essential skills that will allow me to teach a student of any capability.


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