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Klodian Beqa

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Reflecting back on my experience in education, I now realise the positive effect educators have on the future of young students. Educators help develop minds and talents that will allow young students to achieve future goals they start to set themselves. Knowing that every student has a unique way of learning, as a tutor, my aim is to help every student believe and achieve their full potential. I believe that students should be pushed to understand the concept being taught rather than asking them to try and remember each step. Regarding my experience, I currently tutor a diverse group of 10 students at the ARC Centre, Birmingham. I normally work through questions they are struggling with and also provide them with extra work to prompt with the understanding of the content. I am also helping students prepare for important GCSE and A Level examinations. All of my students to date have achieved a grade 6 (old grade B) or higher. If you are a current GCSE/A-Level student or a parent of one, and you want to achieve higher grades please do not hesitate to drop me a message and we can discuss how I can help you reach YOUR potential. The higher grade is all down to YOU, I can only provide you with the tools needed. After all of our sessions I expect the students to work hard. Your determination and my help is the perfect combination in achieving the grade you want. About me: BSc with Honours First Class in Mathematics - Coventry University PGCE Secondary Mathematics - Birmingham City University A Level Mathematics - A


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Mathematics (BSc) - 1st Class

2014 - 2017

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