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Lavan Ganeshkumar

Skilled tutor and undergraduate at UCL

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Hello, my name is Lavan and I am currently an undergraduate studying for a Masters (MSci) in Chemistry at University College London (UCL). I have over three years of teaching experience, where I have taught both classes (of sizes up to 12 students) and individual lessons. The students that I have taught primarily have been between the ages of 14 – 19 i.e. GCSE – A Level, however I have had a few students who needed help with exams for their degrees in Chemistry and Medicine in addition to entrance exams for schools. My methods of teaching vary from student to student as I cater towards their individual styles of learning. That being said, the one thing I do emphasise to all my students is that understanding the topics is much more important than just to solely memorise something. This is achieved by starting from the very basics and building from there, whilst simultaneously giving th...Learn more

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Asked by Leena

Maths 💯
How do you calculate the maximum and minimum mass of an element?
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Lavan Ganeshkumar

Skilled tutor and undergraduate at UCL

The mass of an element is calculated by taking an average of the abundance of all the isotopes of the corresponding element. For example: Chlorine ...Learn more