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Mahdi Ansar

KCL maths graduate | Trainee actuary | 7 years of tutoring experience

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On maths tuition: I've been passionate about maths since my early school days and, in college, I taught myself all the Further Maths modules in one year as my college didn't teach them. As part of my work as a trainee actuary at one of the UK's most reputable consultancy firms, I have to do a lot of exams, majority of which are mathematically rigorous and challenging. I also enjoy learning new things about maths everyday as part of my work which often involves breaking down complex actuarial/mathematical problems to easy manageable steps so that the non-technical recipients of my work can understand the final results easily. This helps sharpen my teaching skills too! Since my uni days until now, I've provided one-to-one maths tuition to secondary school, GCSE and A-level students. However, due to other commitments and time constraints, I'm now able to provide maths tuition to A-level students only. On Bangla tuition: Bangla is my mother tongue. I did my schooling in Bangladesh in a Bangla medium school (before moving to the UK and going to college and university) and so have a very strong grasp of the language. I've also been in good practice thanks to my dad's language services agency as part of which I often help out with a variety of translation projects from English to Bengali (and vice versa). I am available to provide Bengali tuition to students of any level.


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King's College London

Mathematics BSc - 2:2

2010 - 2013

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Newham College of Further Education

A levels - AAB (Maths, Further Maths, Physics)

2007 - 2010

AS Physics Student of the Year Award


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