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Hi, I'm Michael

I help young people get high grades in English and humanities, from KS2 to GCSE. I specialise in poetry, literature and history, and have seen great success in Religious Studies and Geography too. I write in the mornings and teach in the afternoons. I have tutored for hundreds of hours, working both privately and for Local Education Authorities. I plan my lessons carefully and share these plans with parents; I am highly creative and every single lesson is specifically for each student.

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History & Anthropology (BA) - 2:1 (2005 - 2018)

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Asked by Micheal

English 🇬🇧
When Grendel says Unferth's "beard and hair straight down like seaweed" (86), what literary device is being used?
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Michael Harding

Very good tutor.

There are few devices being used at once. It's an image that uses a simile, I.e. saying something is like something else. However, it's also a form ...Learn more