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Hi, I'm Mircea-Rafael

I've loved maths since forever because I think it's always a new thing and a new problem ready to be solved and that's why I'm here. I study computer- science and I really like everything that involves numbers. I participated every year in the national Olympic Math competitions and many other contests. I don't have a lot of teaching experience but I can promise you I'll do my best to help your child achieve his goals, pass exams, and never get behind with the curriculum from the class and most important help him seeing math like something really easy to do. I think you can build a skyscraper if you have a good foundation and someone to teach you how to find the smartest and easiest method to complicated problems. I think I said enough about math and I hope you don't think I'm a geek. :) I'm also an archery instructor at a club in central London, animal lover and motorcycle enthusiast a...Learn more

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Asked by Charlotte

Maths πŸ’―
The volume of a right circular cone is 768Ο€cm Β³ and the ratio of its base radius to its height is3:4, find the slant height of the cone?

Mircea-Rafael Crismar

Enthusiastic and friendly math tutor

So you need to use the formula of a cone which is V=pi * r^2 * h/3 you know the volume and the ratio so r/h=3/4, r=3h/4. So from the first formula ...Learn more

Asked by Niveetha

Maths πŸ’―
Find the derivative of the implicit function of the form in 2y - eΒ²x + 3xy?

Mircea-Rafael Crismar

Enthusiastic and friendly math tutor

(2y-e2x + 3xy)’=(2y)’-(e2x)’+(3xy)’ =2-(e2’ * x + e2 * x’)+ 3(xy)’ =2-(e2x + e2)+ 3(x’ * y + x*y’) =2-e2(x+1) + 3(y+x) Hope it helps