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Hi, I'm Mohamed

***PLEASE READ TO THE END BEFORE CONTACTING ME*** *WILL HELP YOUR CHILD BUILD A VERY STRONG FOUNDATION IN ARABIC* I am an Egyptian, born in Saudi, and have a degree in Engineering from a British university. I have been teaching for approximately 8 years, and I am currently the director of Al-Awwal Tuition for the teaching of Quran and Arabic. I specialise in teaching children and will (by Allah’s permission) help your child have a very strong foundation in the Arabic language so that they are able to read, write and speak as well as recite the Quran correctly as a native Arabic speaker. I love seeing my students making progress every week, and alhamdulillah some of those I teach are as young as 4, may Allah bless them and their parents. I studied Arabic Literature, poetry, Grammar and Eloquence in Egypt and Saudi Arabia for many years. I tutor students to help them prepare...Learn more

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London South Bank University

BEng Petroleum Engineering - 2:1 (2011 - 2014)


Arabic literature - B (2006 - 2006)


Arabic Grammar - A (2006 - 2006)

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