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Mohamed Ibrahim

Arabic Tutor £7/hr and £35/hr - GCSE, A-level, Edexcel, Quran, Tajweed

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***PLEASE READ TO THE END BEFORE CONTACTING ME*** *WILL HELP YOUR CHILD BUILD A VERY STRONG FOUNDATION IN ARABIC* I am an Egyptian, born in Saudi, and have a degree in Engineering from a British university. I have been teaching for approximately 8 years, and I am currently the director of Al-Awwal Tuition for the teaching of Quran and Arabic. I specialise in teaching children and will (by Allah’s permission) help your child have a very strong foundation in the Arabic language so that they are able to read, write and speak as well as recite the Quran correctly as a native Arabic speaker. I love seeing my students making progress every week, and alhamdulillah some of those I teach are as young as 4, may Allah bless them and their parents. I studied Arabic Literature, poetry, Grammar and Eloquence in Egypt and Saudi Arabia for many years. I tutor students to help them prepare for exams but I also do all other levels from beginner to advanced. TEACHING EXPERINCE : --------------------------- • Worked as a madrasah (Arabic/Islamic school) supervisor for 2 years. • Tutored university students from Westminster University and SOAS. • Helped an Arabic literature student from Oxford University. • Supported GCSE Arabic classes in Paddington Academy. • Have been doing translation work since 2011. • Provided live translation in a number of events and Islamic gatherings. • Tutored a large number of students of all different levels, skills and backgrounds. SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED COURSES IN: ------------------------------------------------- • Teacher Training. • Behaviour Management. • Dyslexia with BDA (King’s College). APPROACH TO TUTORING : ------------------------------- • I usually divide my lesson into two sections, the first is to revise the previous work, and the second is for the new topic. Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking activities are all covered to guarantee a rapid progress. • New vocabularies are recorded and passed onto the student's parent for home practice and to perfect pronunciation. • Listening to the recordings I send the students is a vital part of the learning process. • I do not move onto the next topic before the students understand the current topic well enough. • Some students, depending on their level, are given story books to practise their reading in their own time. • Please help me to help your child by making sure s/he complete their 5-10minute-a-day homework. • For GCSE students, show me completed homework and I will show you a '7-9' in your final grade In-Sha-Allah. SUBJECTS TAUGHT : ----------------------- • Arabic • Quran • Islamic studies (I usually use Weekend Learning Series) Please let me know which subjects you are interested in. SYLLABUS & BOOKS : ----------------------- • The Key to Arabic / Gateway to Arabic. • Al-Madinah Books. • Al-Arabyyiatu Bayna Yadayka. • Talk With Me + Short Stories (Pre-GCSE) • The New GCSE Arabic Companion + Arabic Speaking Companion (GCSE). • The Arabic Season + your chosen novel (A-level). Reading practice for elementary levels : - Nelson Thornes books. - Collins Big Cat series. - Other books from Egypt and Saudi. PRICES : --------- • One to one = £35 per hour OR £65 for 2 hours. • Group Tuition = 2 students for £35 per hour. 3 students for £40 per hour. • Class of 8 students from £7 per hour. CANCELLATION POLICY : ---------------------------- -Any cancelled lessons will have to be made up for (ie rescheduled or extra time to be added to the following couple of lessons). -If you repeatedly cancel the lessons, you will be asked to find another tutor. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING : -------------------------------------- • I am DBS (CRB) checked. • I usually test the students every lesson on the previous topic. • All books, worksheets, pens and other stationary need to be prepared before the lessons. No time should be wasted sharpening pencils and looking for books etc. • If I am not available for the day and time that suit you, you could join my waiting list. • I can travel anywhere in London if the journey takes up to 1 hour 15 min maximum. • If you don't want my service at any point, you must give me a 14-day notice prior to the last lesson. • I teach boys of any age, and girls up to 11 years of age only. • Only contact me if you are a serious parent / student. PS: For feedback and reviews please click on the link at the top right-hand corner of this page. PS: The youtube video is for my weekend classes (please enquire). ALL THE STUDENT HAS TO DO IS THE HOMEWORK I SET, AND I GUARANTEE IMPRESSIVE PROGRESS. Please get in touch if you have any queries. I wish you all successful tutoring and high grades :) Thank you :)


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Arabic literature - B

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Arabic Grammar - A

2006 - 2006

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BEng Petroleum Engineering - 2:1

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