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Monika Petrova

Hard-working tutor and undergraduate at University College London (UCL)

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Hi, my name is Moni. I am currently in my second year pursuing a degree in Statistics at University College London. I have graduated from high school with straight A* in Mathematics, Social Studies, English and Slovak Language. Having always been interest in mathematics, and after taking several classes of maths, further maths and theory of maths at high school I eventually graduated from it and decided to study a particular area of mathematics at university. To be fully able to grasp the idea of statistics I have recently interned in one of the most successful start-ups in the world as well as in global investment bank within the Ops division focusing on Business Architecture and Business Intelligence. I understand that scientific subjects might be sometimes frustrating and often require different teaching methods in order to be able to fully understand the concept of it. The dynamic of studies is essential in order keep the attention of a child, something which I regularly missed on my lectures so much while at high school. Particularly when exams and deadlines are approaching, children often panic which result in the feeling of anxiety towards studies. I hope I could be motivating and pleasant tutor for your child, who is able to get out the most of the potential of your child whilst making sure that the pace of studies is appropriate and that your child is really getting to the bottom of the knowledge required. Maths is not an easy subject to get around, yet I am strongly of the opinion that with enthusiastic tutor even the most boring class can become a piece of cake! Given my academic and professional experience, I believe that I would be a right motivation for your child, who is not only able to explain the foundations and theory of mathematics, but also transfer the problems into real-life interesting concepts and applications.


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