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Nazmul Hussain

I like to bury my face in a book of any genre; be it, history, philosophy etc.

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I am keenly interested in researching manuscript data. I intend to embark on the journey to reproduce 12th/13th century manuscripts into the English language. In terms of tutoring, I currently teach GCSE history at secondary school level and have been doing so since September 2018. I want to engage with GCSE & A Level students to allow them to hone in on key concepts related to English and History: * Critical analysis * Evaluation * Reflective personality * Eloquence and elegance * Clarity of argument * Structuring


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History (BA) - Expected 2.1 / 1st

2016 - Now

In my 3rd and final year studying history at KCL, whilst attending Queen Mary University of London for my dissertation module with Dr Thomas Asbridge. Looking to pursue an MA in Applied Linguistics. Long term study goals: to engage in manuscript research to produce editions and translations in the English language of medieval chronicles (12th-13th century).


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