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Emily's profile picture

Emily Whitmore

Online lessons

Oxford grad student and highly resourceful tutor with 12 years of experience.

I’m a sought-after tutor with twelve years of teaching and tutoring experience in Canada, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Czech Republic, Bahrain, and Ghana. I taught at a private school in Bahrain for six years, and for four of those years I was an IBDP Literature/IBDP Language and Literature teacher whose students not only achieved some of the best results in the school, but achieved results that often exceeded IB world averages. With my experience as an IB teacher, tutor, and examiner, I’m highly attuned to the requirements and expectations of the IB programme; I have a well-rounded understanding from the vantage points of teacher and assessor. I’m in possession of excellent IB materials, resources, and exemplars. Many students have earned 6s and 7s under my tutelage. I can transfer this knowledge and expertise to A-level and GCSE tutoring as well. I’m familiar with 11+ entrance exams and have extensive experience preparing students of all ages for different standardised tests. I instil lifelong study skills in my students. As a certified SAT Associate Supervisor who has administered and invigilated over ten sessions, I have expert knowledge on SAT preparedness, content, time management, and essay writing. I've helped numerous students with their UCAS applications, university interview preparation, and personal statements. For those who are English language learners, I have considerable experience teaching English as a second/foreign language. I’ve prepared students for the IELTS and I’ve helped numerous students in Canada and Czech Republic (of varying levels of English proficiency) with conversational English, grammar instruction, and speaking/listening/writing/reading activities. I’m committed to my pupils’ academic excellence by encouraging their intellectual curiosity. My teaching style fosters independent inquiry, and I pride myself on my passionate, engaging, student-led lessons that empower pupils to take ownership of their learning. I encourage my students to analyse and think critically, and my ultimate goal is to provide students with the analytical tools to continue their studies independently with confidence and conviction.

£25Per hour
220Tutor score
156Students helped
Rabiah's profile picture

Rabiah Tariq

Online lessons

Manchester based Law student offering tutoring for all core LLB modules

I have over six years of study and work experience in law. I am currently a final year law student at Lancaster University, on track to achieve a high 2.1 or first class degree. I have achieved several 100% marks during my time at university and believe that I can help other law students achieve this too. I have, also, garnered some teaching experience by providing private tutelage during my undergraduate and as a peer mentor. I am a resourceful and highly qualified individual with varied experience acquired during pro bono work and internships, undertaken in tandem with studies. I am articulate with excellent interpersonal abilities, communicates effectively, and is skilled in coherent and intelligible writing. I am a high-achiever, with advanced research and analytical skills combined with excellent problem-solving skill. I adopt two approaches to teaching: ‘student-centred’, ‘high-tech’ approach. These approaches aim to aid a personalised, research-based, inquiry-based learning to accentuate understanding of the materials taught. My goal is to coach and facilitate learning, overall comprehension of material and skills in answering questions utilising proven tools. For instance, the use of online research databases (Westlaw, Lexis Library, Nexis, Practical Law, HeinOnline and EBSCO), employing IRAC (Issues, Relevant Law, Application and Conclusion) structure in answering legal problem questions and so on. I am able to measure your learning progress through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like projects and study portfolio, give you feedback and work further on problem areas.

£20Per hour
240Tutor score
290Students helped
Jonathan's profile picture

Jonathan Bp

Online lessons

Experienced Bi-lingual French Tutor/Teacher

Hello, I am a bi-lingual speaker of French and English. I was brought up in the South of France; I then returned to England to pursue my higher education over here. I have a passion and an affinity for modern foreign languages. I take a very methodical and reasoned approach to problem-solving which is reflective of my general teaching style. I have a love for linguistics and use my interest in literacy/etymology to create memorisation techniques to help students remember vocabulary; my lessons are engaging, stimulating and fun. I hold a master's degree in Translation and Interpreting studies from the University of Manchester (with merit) and I also possess a first-class degree in Modern Foreign Language Studies with a focus on linguistics. I completed my PGCE (with distinction) and I am currently working as a full-time teacher of languages in a high school. I am currently putting together a research proposal for a PhD in Education which I hope to undertake in the near future. I am an experienced French tutor with over 10 years’ experience having taught students from KS3 to adult learners. I aim to equip all students with the necessary skills in order to be precise and concise so that they understand and use information so as to reach their full potential, especially under the pressure of exam conditions. I encourage students to develop skills to pass their exams and, ultimately, to enjoy language learning. I am available to tutor all ages up to undergraduate level in French. Lessons will focus on improving and perfecting listening, reading, writing, grammar and oral skills. I can also offer sessions for adults who would like to improve their general French. I am very flexible and will endeavour to accommodate all your needs. Please don't hesitate to send me a message if you are interested or would like to find out more!

£25Per hour
210Tutor score
Hanaan's profile picture

Hanaan Ahmed

Online lessons

Experienced tutor and undergraduate at The University of Manchester

I am a graduate from the University of Manchester with a first class honours degree in Pure Chemistry. I have several years of tutoring experience, teaching both KS3, GCSE and A-Levels. As a practising scientist, I employ a wide range of mathematical and scientific knowledge daily. Having recently completed A-levels, I can help with strategies to overcome the pressure that students face when preparing for these exams. I am an effective tutor in Maths and the Sciences. I have experience in teaching the new syllabus (1-9 GCSE) and have a wealth of physical and online resources at my disposal. Over a period of three years, I have privately tutored 5 students all of whom passed their respective exams achieving their desired grade or even above. I have also worked with students on revision strategy and timetables, exam techniques and structuring answers. I am approachable, I can relate to students meaningfully and my aim is to make Maths and Science enjoyable so that students can reach their maximum potential. I am offering your first lesson for free. This can be used to identify main objectives and topics you would like covered in one-to-one sessions. I often employ the Socratic technique to get a better understanding of how well my student is grasping a particular topic. I also start sessions with short recaps and may also ask students to do a small amount of extra work outside sessions. This can then be reviewed during the sessions, allowing me to isolate areas for improvement more efficiently.

£35Per hour
230Tutor score
296Students helped
Nicole's profile picture

Nicole Smith

DBSOnline lessons

Primary School Teacher with lots of experience

I am a qualified teacher with a BA Honours Degree in Primary Education and have had 2 years teaching experience in both State and Private schools, allowing me a wide range of experiences in a variety of year groups (Year 6, Year 3 and Year 1). I have a good knowledge of the National Curriculum and have been through SATs and Entrance Exam tests myself. I have also had experience in tutoring children before whilst working through my degree, allowing me opportunities to support children going through both of these experiences, as well as 1 year of tutoring through this business. I would make a great tutor as I like to make lessons fun and engaging whilst also educational. I feel that planning and teaching a child on a 1:1 or group basis allows for me to adapt and change my teaching style depending on their learning style and what works best for the child. Depending on the subject, I would provide activities for the children to complete, some may be worksheets, but some may be more interactive where possible. Again, I would adapt this to the needs and learning style of each individual. If appropriate, I may set some extra tasks for them to get on with between sessions if I feel they would benefit from this. I want to make sure that every child I tutor feels happier, more confident and more able in each subject I help with and for those going through Entrance Exams/SATs, they feel calm and prepared. I do not want any children to feel stressed or too worried about their tests and will constantly remind them that their best is all we can ask for!

£25Per hour
250Tutor score
54Students helped
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