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Nicholas Hutter

Actuarial Science student at LSE with over 7 years tutoring experience.

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I am originally from South Africa where I actually began tutoring 7 years ago. I came to the UK in 2016 after completing a year of Actuarial Science at a South African university. Now days I'm studying Actuarial Science at LSE and tutoring on the side. Since 2016 I have tutored students between the ages of 7 and 19. I have worked with a vast range of students, from preparing for their 11+ entrance exams to their A-level and first year university accounting exams. Many of my past students are still in contact with me today! As a tutor I tailor my approach based on your abilities and the type of learner you are to ensure I can help you in the most effective way. Every subject and course I tutor I have taken before and so apply that past knowledge to further aid your development. I hope to help you achieve your full potential!


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BSc Actuarial Science - 1

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