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Nicholas Phillips

English Lit and Lang tutor, 8 years’ experience, including in selective school

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This is my eighth academic year as a tutor. I have my MA in English from the University of Cambridge, have worked as an assistant examiner for CIE and maintain my professional skills through my tutoring practice, examiner training and regular participation in various other courses. Recently, my professional development has included further English Language training from The British Council, two study days at The Globe Theatre (Hamlet and Othello) and a training day with CIE for Key Stage 5. I have worked with families in their homes, overseas, and with pupils at an academically selective school in West London. I have significant experience of working with pupils with additional needs, especially those who are academically able, as well as with pupils for whom English is not their first language. I specialise in tutoring English Language and Literature at GCSE and A Level, but also work with younger pupils. In addition, I support essay writing in other subjects and provide university entrance and job application support to young people, as well as commercial writing and research services to business people. I have an up-to-date, clean Enhanced DBS form.


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