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I am currently a Maths tutor to the year 11’s in my school and would love to help any others who need help with maths GCSE so you can achieve the grade you are looking for. I will make sure to follow the specification specific to your exam board and help you on your journey. I will ensure that you know that you are capable of achieving and getting through the end of your Secondary chapter. I’ve also had experience in teaching dissecting skills to year 7’s-9s. I have completed NCS and I’m currently completing 16 hours of volunteering for an organisation called HeadStart. My gcse grades are as listed: English Literature: 7 English Language: 7 Maths: 8 Biology: 6 Chemistry: 6 Physics: 8 Geography: 8 RS: 8 Business: A French: 5 Arabic: A

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Ashcroft Technology Academy

A Levels - Grade 8 in maths GCSE (2018 - now)

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Asked by Rebecca

English 🇬🇧
For english I’m writing a speech to deliver to my classmates about body image. Should I say male and female opposed to guy and girl or is that too formal?

Noor Elkafrawy

I’m passionate about teaching Maths!

As this is an assignment for class I would suggest using ‘male’ and ‘female’ - these terms are used pretty frequently and should not be considered t...Learn more