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Peter Jones

Experienced and passionate tutor, and recent PhD recipient

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I am a dedicated tutor with hundreds of hours of experience in physics and maths tuition. I also have a PhD in Mathematical/Theoretical Physics, as well as an MSc Theoretical Physics (Distinction) and an MSci Physics (1st Class) - in both I was awarded prizes for graduating top of my year. As well as an excellent academic record, I have always prided myself on strong communication skills, which I believe are crucial to science generally, and particularly to education. I have significant experience of working with people of all ages, both within science and wider afield such as in numerous musical projects. Throughout my time in academia I enjoyed explaining my work and other scientific ideas in a number of settings, to academics, students and members of the public, and I have built upon these skills in my tutoring life and consider myself a thorough and creative teacher. Having first-hand experience of modern scientific research puts me in a unique position to tutor as my understanding of physics and mathematics is very broad and deep, and I love working closely with students and helping them develop their own path in these fascinating but often difficult subjects. My students enjoy the enthusiastic and interactive nature of my teaching style, as well as the knowledge and expertise I bring from my time in academia. I believe that all students have the potential to not only succeed academically, but also come to really enjoy maths and physics, and have their lives enriched by an appreciation of the role science plays in the world around us. It is my job to assist in that journey by tailoring tuition to each student`s individual needs, and I believe that exam success (and much enjoyment!) follows from a proper and deep understanding of the subjects.


University of Southampton logo

University of Southampton

PhD Mathematical/Theoretical Physics - N/A

2013 - 2017

Imperial College London logo

Imperial College London

MSc Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces - Distinction

2012 - 2013

Received the Abdus Salam Prize for graduating top of my year

University of Bristol logo

University of Bristol

MSci Physics - First

2008 - 2012

Received the Detica Prize for graduating top of my year


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