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Primisha Patel

If you need a tutor who can help achieve that higher grade then I am it!

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I`m an experienced and dedicated tutor and I have taught students at KS3, GCSE and A-Level. Since I really enjoy working alongside students and helping them make progress, my students have reported high levels of satisfaction after tuition sessions. I am currently a 3rd year Pharmacy student studying at University College of London (UCL). Subjects offered: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English When I was at school, I always made it a point to try and clarify any doubts I had in lessons, no matter how many times I had to raise my hand! I`m always happy to answer questions that tutees have and to go over a new concept in different ways until he or she is satisfied with it. I am aim to set the lessons at a pace appropriate to the student, while ensuring that the lesson remains challenging and productive. Good Luck and I hope to hear from you.


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University College London (UCL)

Masters of pharmacy - 1

2017 - Now

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Preston manor sixth form

A leveld - AAA(biology, chemistry and maths)

2015 - 2017


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