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Ruby Kiddi

I am passionate about teaching from AS to degree level.

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Psychology with Counselling Skills I love to teach Psychology and Counselling Skill. I use my psychology skills to help my students, using mindfulness and due care to positively encourage learning. At the same time a spoonful of fun can help engage the student making learning interesting for my students. I have good knowledge in the mentioned fields and will support my student through the thick and thin of their studies. I have a 2.1 degree, and am also able to relate to students who are dyslexic and can help in providing different approaches to learning. I am also competent in teaching Geography and English. I am dedicated to supporting the people I tutor as I am passionate about the subjects I teach. I understand the pressure of being a student and the pains of trying to reach deadlines. I also empathise when words are hard to put together when trying to get an essay done.  From secondary school level to research to literature reviews to dissertation, my aim is to see the student through to graduation.  If there is a problem with meeting in person, I can accept doing Skype lessons, which has proved a success with previous students. We found that as we talk about the subject, I can quickly tap in the information or research and immediately email links and literature to help the student. Younger students like this way of learning because they are usually more engaged when at their computer. Best wishes  Ruby


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Psychology and Counselling - 2:1

2010 - 2016

Degree in psychology with counselling skills

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