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Saad Bidiwala

Experienced tutor and Medical student at King's College London

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Hi, I'm Saad

I am an experienced tutor in the subjects of Maths, English & Science for Key Stage 1-4, covering the 11+, SATs and GCSE curriculum. I teach students from age 5 up to AS-levels and have extensive experience in private tutoring for these subjects. Currently I am a 4th year medical student at King`s College London and have been teaching students of all ages/levels privately and at an Ofsted registered tuition centre for many years. Being a tutor for over 5 years now, I have gained great interpersonal skills that help in creating an environment where the student is comfortable in developing their learning skills and attaining good results. I have got a valid CRB/DBS check as well and can be provided if needed. For gifted and talented students, I enable them to reach their maximum potential and I prepare them to do their GCSE exams as early as possible with some of them siting their actua...Learn more

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