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Asked by Stella · 2 years ago

What are the advantages and disadvantages of assessment in schools?

As assessment is a way of finding out if learning has taken place, I think it has far more advantages than disadvantages. Many of these have already been mentioned. Please find my thoughts below: Advantages: There are several types of assessments that take place in schools, the most common being formative (ongoing assessment e.g. quiz) This allows for progress to be checked. Summative (usually a... more


Asked by Caterina · 2 years ago

Who knows any techniques to memorize fast words in a new language?

Practice, practice & practice! Speak to others in the language you are learning as much as possible. Record yourself and listen back to this whilst doing mundane tasks (e.g cleaning or driving) Use apps like Quizlet to create flash cards and revisit these every night before sleeping or early in the morning


Asked by Georgia · a year ago

Any tips on how to write sociology exam questions? Or is there any formats which may be helpful?

PEELE Point Evidence Explanation Link Evaluate For 10m do two, for 20m do four with an intro and conclusion and 30m do six with an intro and conclusion.

Religious Studies

Asked by Ella · 2 years ago

Explain two reasons why the sacrament of reconciliation is important for catholics today. refer to scriptures and religious teachings?

The sacrament of reconciliation is more commonly known as the sacrament of confession. Confession is an essential part of Catholicism and carries a substantial amount of importance for Catholics. One importance is that it allows Catholics to truly repent for their sins and receive God's forgiveness. A second importance is that it allows individuals to regularly reflect on their behaviour, right... more

Career Advice

Asked by Georgi · 2 years ago

What a level's do I need to do to be an aerospace engineer?

Physics and Maths are the two you should definitely study. For your third option, you can choose Chemistry or any other subject you enjoy.

Applying for Medicine

Asked by Aisha · 2 years ago

What qualifications u need to be a doctor?

You will have to study to undergraduate level at the very least. 1) GCSEs, 2) 3 A Levels, 3) Undergraduate degree in Medicine and then you apply for Foundation Training (2 years) which help you choose what area of medicine you would like to specialise in. Medical degrees are highly competitive, so you should be aiming for 7-9s for GCSEs and A-A*s for A Levels Hope that helps!

Career Advice

Asked by Alice · 2 years ago

What do I need to become a vet?

You will need to study A Level Biology and 2 other A Level subjects. You will then apply for. Veterinary Medicine degree, these are highly competitive and entry requirements range from BBC to A*AA, this will depend on the universities you apply to. Your GCSE Science grades should really stand out, so aim for 7-9s! Good luck!

Art & Drama

Asked by Courtney · 6 months ago

What looks good (apart from grades) on a uni application for theatre school? Thanks?

They don’t care about grades to be honest. Drama school looks for what you have done outside of school or college. In an interview with RADA, for example, they will ask what plays you have read and who’s work/method you’re interested in and why. Therefore, grades and taking part in drama club is one thing, but attending workshops, the theatre, and related work experience will really catch their ey... more

Applying for University

Asked by Sarah Jane · 2 years ago

What grades in GCSE would I need to get into a top university to then go on to be a Lawyer?

In order to apply to any university, you usually need a minimum of 5-6 GCSEs graded 9-5 including English and Maths. A "top university" like the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Durham will be looking for 7-9s, other Russell Group universities like the University of Manchester, University of York, University of Lancaster and so on (you can find a list of all these through a quick search) will... more

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Saira Hassan

Experienced and dedicated Religious Studies teacher and Careers Advisor

17208Students helped
9Questions answered
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