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Savanna Fomenky

I love learning and helping others achieve their potential and learn too

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I’m currently in college studying French, Spanish and Maths A-Level after achieving a Grade 9 (A*) in both Maths and English Language as well as a Grade 7 (A) in English Literature. I have in depth knowledge on the new style curriculum especially as I tutor Maths GCSE weekly. I am very personable and aim to create a fun but hardworking atmosphere that benefits and incorporates both the student and the parents. As well as tutoring, I can help with how to deal with exam stress and exam preparation as I view wellbeing to be as important as academic success. I also have experience helping people with learning difficulties and those who just generally struggle as well as those of higher abilities.


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Saint Michael’s Grammar School

GCSE - 7-9 (English Language, English Literature, Maths, Triple Science, RE, Art, Spanish, French)

2016 - 2018

Jack Petchey Award


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