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Shamik Amin

A qualified Science teacher who has a passion for tutoring.

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I became a tutor to have a greater educational impact on my students at the individual level. It is all too familiar when school teachers cannot fully attend to individual pupil needs in schools. ​ In my experience, pupils are often afraid to ask for support when struggling with learning complex topics and we all know that children can struggle with Science. During my studies I was diagnosed with dyslexia and found learning to be difficult. Extra tuition was my lifeline to reaching my potential. ​​ My goal is to help pupils of all abilities also achieve their potential. I want to help pupils move beyond learning by rote, to really understand scientific concepts and develop their passion for Science. I can accomplish this with by assessing strengths and weaknesses and then personalising the lesson to suit these needs for the student. You can be assured that I will do my utmost to support and challenge all of my students.


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University of Hertfordshire

PGCE BIOLOGY - Distinction

2013 - 2014

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King's College London

Biomedical Science - 2.

2006 - 2009

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