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Shanice St John

A maths enthusiast who enjoys sharing their knowledge of numbers.

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Experienced maths tutor who has a considerable amount of experience working in the education sector. Recently graduated in Applied Physics BSc and currently studying Quantum Technologies at masters level.


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St Mary’s University

Applied Physics (BSc) - First

2014 - 2017

During my course, I worked with other students in a group setting to perform experiments (which usually took place at the National Physical Laboratory) and presentations. In my second year, I worked as a student teacher as part of my placement module. I also worked as a student ambassador in both my second and third years. For my third year, I undertook a dissertation on Quantum Mechanics titled ‘The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics’. My thesis was based on analysis six quantum mechanical interpretations of my choice.

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University College London (UCL)

Quantum Technologies (MSc) - Pending

2018 - Now


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