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Hi, I'm Sliman

I am a PhD student at the Univerity of Sheffield. Even if I am still studying during my Undergraduate and Master I had the occasion to do tutoring to many students either in my same course or younger than me. I mostly supported students that had difficulties and or wanted to improve in maths related subjects. However, I also did do some in languages since I can speak fluently 4 languages so far, and going for the fifth. For what concerns to my teaching style, I believe that anybody has his/her way to understand and learn things so I can not state general way. However, what I generally do is to go through the single academic program and looking to the goals of the student build a plan in order to reach them. Till now this worked out in successful results, and I wish this will keep going also with You!!

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Sliman Ouakka

Civil Engineering PhD student

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To which extent can renewable energy replace fossil fuels?

Sliman Ouakka

Civil Engineering PhD student

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