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Vincenzo Mastrovincenzo

...capisci l'italiano? NO?! Get in touch and learn it with me! Ti aspetto! ^_^

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7am - 12pm12pm - 4pm4pm - 10pm


hi! my name is Vincenzo and I moved from Italy to London in January 2015. I've always worked in sales and marketing but I love languages (I speak Italian, English, Spanish, Swedish and some German). I'm happy to help whoever wants to learn my mother tongue: from colloquial to professional; from conversation, to deep down in grammar and spelling. Also available to work as “au pair” as tutor for kids and teenagers. Get in contact soon if you are one of those! A presto!


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Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazionr "IULM" - Milano

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2001 - 2006


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