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Hi, my name is Tony. I just graduated from a sixth form called 'd'Overbroeck's' in Oxford and I am currently taking a gap year. I took maths and science subjects during my A-level, and achieved 4A*s and 1A at the end. I would like to share my ways of studying as well as exam techniques to help you to achieve a great result for your exams. I have always been one of the best students in the school, and with my good A-level results, I am confident to say that I have a good level of knowledge to teach students. Also, I am really good organiser, and I always think from students' point of views that allows me to find out the most suitable study plans for every student. I am also a very friendly and approachable person. I have an excellent communication skill. This enables me connect with all kinds of students to inspire them to put for their best effort. I am currently working in two tu...Learn more

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A-Level - A*A*A*A*A(Biolgy, Maths, Futher Math, EPQ, and Chemistry) (2017 - 2019)

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