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Core Mathematics B

A-Level course : Logarithms: Introduction to logarithms, Relationship between log form and index form, Evaluating logarithms and the laws of logarithms (rules that the logarithms obey) / Quadratic equations: Introduction, Solution by factorizing, rearranging the equation, Formula for solving quadratic equation/ Simultaneous equation: Introduction, Solution of three linear equation, solution of one linear and one quadratic equation.

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Preview of video Logarithm introduction
Lesson 1

Logarithm introduction

Preview of video Logarithms part 2
Lesson 2

Logarithms part 2

Preview of video Quadratic equation
Lesson 3

Quadratic equation

Preview of video Quadratic equation part 2
Lesson 4

Quadratic equation part 2

Preview of video Simultaneous Equation
Lesson 5

Simultaneous Equation

Preview of video Simultaneous equation part 2
Lesson 6

Simultaneous equation part 2

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