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Descriptive Writing for GCSE: Using Imagery

This series will go through the use of metaphors, similes and contrast in descriptive writing. We'll go through different techniques, example essays and writing prompts for you to try! If you want more, go to my resources tab to get some more practice questions and example descriptions.

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Preview of video 1. Contrast in sentences
Lesson 1

1. Contrast in sentences

Preview of video 2. Using contrast in paragraphs
Lesson 2

2. Using contrast in paragraphs

Preview of video 3. Contrast in time
Lesson 3

3. Contrast in time

Preview of video 4. Contrast in age
Lesson 4

4. Contrast in age

Preview of video 5. How to develop similes
Lesson 5

5. How to develop similes

Preview of video 6. The 5 steps of a Metaphor
Lesson 6

6. The 5 steps of a Metaphor

Preview of video 7. See in metaphors
Lesson 7

7. See in metaphors

In this lesson

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