AS Organic Chemistry - Nomenclature Part 2/15



4 months ago

There isn't a single student who takes up A - level Chemistry except that they struggle with naming organic compounds - not anymore! Heaja's Academy presents Part 2/15 of AS Organic Chemistry. A brilliant bitesize on how to name organic compounds. 6 easy & simple rules! Heaja's Academy 🎓 | BSc, King's College Graduate, PG Cert Ed, QTS 🏫 | Science & A-level Bio/Chem Teacher 📩 | Private Tutor 🛎 heajas_academy ⬇️ Instagram Link ⬇️ 🎥 | SUBSCRIBE to our channel ⬇️ YouTube Video Link ⬇️ 👩‍👦‍👦For every successful referral, you will be given a free hourly tuition!

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