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------ THE CONCISE STUDY SKILLS COURSE ----- "The concise guide to increasing your productivity and ability to retain information while studying or working from home." >>What Will Students Learn on this Course?<< How to increase their productivity and ability to focus when studying or working from home. ABOUT Do you find you’re unable to concentrate for very long? Do you drag your feet when it comes to revision? Or, that you can focus at work or the library, but working from home is impossible? Well, this concise course will take you through the actionable steps you can take to turn this around, immediately. >>Why is this a concise course? << This is a concise course because why would you want to spend 2, 3, 4 hours about learning to study? That’s not productive for you right now. This is why I created a concise course, the lesson material is 30 minutes long and divided into 11 rules, so you can implement productivity skills straight away. >> How to use this course? << Listen to the whole course, then choose 1-2 rules to put into action immediately (I recommend implementing rules 3 and 5 to start). Once you get comfortable with these, then add in another. The aim is to build habits and environmental cues that will help you streamline your brain, but subconsciously, so you can keep yourself focused on the work in front of you. ----- COURSE CONTENT ----- In this concise course I will take you through 11 actionable rules that can help you increase your ability to focus and get work done. 1. Go to the library (if you can) 2. Turn your desk away from relaxation places 3. Use a study lamp** (start here) 4. Get rid of distractions 5. Study in 20-30 minute chunks** (start here) 6. Take regular breaks to reward your studying 7. Intend to learn 8. Learn concepts 9. Use mnemonic devices to learn facts 10. Get enough sleep 11. Eat properly. Some of these rules may seem like common sense, but the question is: are you doing them? If you aren’t, why not? In these short videos I take you through the “why” not just the “what.” This is important to help you understand why you are going to put in the effort to build these habits. The end result of productivity is nice, but it’s the work in between that takes the discipline so you can reach your goal.

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